Rock Your Business

I work with clients on everything from starting a business to developing and managing an existing business, to changing a business entirely. I am able to jump in with clients at any stage in their business development and also work on nearly any aspect of it as well.

Click play for a little music while you read about my services: “Relax your mind…and groove with mine. I want to rock with you…”

Topics I cover with clients:

  • Strategy & Planning–not pat answers from a business textbook
  • Marketing–infusing it with personality & authenticity
  • Growing client/customer base
  • Managing an overwhelming client/customer base
  • Overcoming personal hurdles & fears
  • Taking risks that will make a difference
  • Sales approach that defies the artificial pitch
  • Creating smart stuctures & systems to support your work
  • Clarifying your message & positioning you strategically in your field
  • Changing workspace so it supports the brain & personal work style
  • Altering retail space to support customer experience & increase sales
I teach clients:

  • How to take ownership of your business
  • How you really come across and how to improve that image
  • How to set & raise rates
  • How to find, hire, and manage a dream team of employees
  • Savvy negotiation skills
  • How to generate client loyalty, referals and repeat business
  • How to create a smart infrastructure that supports business growth
  • How to draw boundaries with clients/customers, employees, business partners and the business itself
  • A different brand of time management that actually works.
I support business owners in taking themselves more seriously. This means advocating for themselves and identifying and offering boldly the gift that they want to bring to their community. If this is what you are seeking or if you want to talk with me directly, feel free to contact me with questions. I will be happy to send you my Menu of Packages.