Swimming in Possibilities?

by Karrie Kohlhaas on March 5, 2007

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Too much all at once.We are three months into the new year. How many ideas have you come up with for projects you want to create? For articles or stories you want to write? For products you want to design? For career directions you could take? For business improvements?

You can generate ideas–great ideas–until the cows come home. But what happens once you have a million ideas?

When the creative mind gets on a roll it doesn’t want to stop, and then, it gets overwhelmed. Like a sponge: Once completely saturated it’s no longer effective to soak up the juice.

The process of editing ideas and choosing one to manifest will bring up issues, especially for smart, generative people.

Think about the area where you generate a lot of possibilities but see few results and ask these questions:

* Are you afraid of giving up the ideas you don’t choose?
* Have you created a habit of generating, but not a habit of completing?
* Do you have structures in place that support you in completing things?
* Do you fear you’ll make the wrong decision?
* Do you tell yourself you’ll only take action when you’re certain it will live up to the vision?
* Are you afraid of the work involved?
* Are you waiting for the right moment? The right skills? The inspiration? The certainty?

Your mind will continue to come up with ideas if you let it (and reasons why not to take action!).
For most ideas, certainty doesn’t arrive on its own.

The movers and shakers of the world–the people you admire–are very good at zooming in and choosing something and then developing it to completion. They let go, for the moment, of all the other possibilities so they can focus and complete one.

Your ideas are like seeds. You can stare at the seed catalog, imagining the amazing garden you could create, but never planting for fear of not making the right choice. Or you can choose which type of seed to cultivate into maturity and enjoy and share its fruit.

Some questions for evaluating which idea to cultivate:

* Which one has the most charge or excitement for you?
* Which one is already started and just needs a plan, a structure and support to complete?
* Which one would make the biggest difference?
* What is the first step in moving this idea from the world of thought into the tangible world?
* Are you willing to let go of the many (fantasy) possibilities to have one fruitful reality?

I invite you to look at the vast catalog of possibilities for your business or project and focus on one idea to develop. It takes courage to leave the cozy nest of imagined possibilities, and fly with one.

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