Innovative Marketing Using Social Media

by Karrie Kohlhaas on May 26, 2009

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photo courtesy of William Campos (Flicker Creative Commons)

photo courtesy of William Campos

Friend and colleague, Darcey Morgan Howard, and her husband, Kent, needed to sell their house quickly.” Instead of going the usual route: hosting open houses, listing in the MLS and hoping for the best in a down market; they did something smarter…Watch this video to see their innovative marketing efforts.

The Howards made a video about their home and it’s features, and they told their own story of how they renovated it, memories in the home, what they’ve loved about it.” In the video, they walk the line between marketing that is personal and authentic while keeping it accessible and not alienating anyone by being too much about themselves. What an effective use of video for marketing a house online–so effective that in 2 weeks they received over 500 interested callers (more than 4 times the typical amount) and sold the house in record time for the current market.

Making the video is one thing, but getting it out there for people to see it is another. Darcey posted this video to her network on Facebook as one way to market the video. This allowed it to be seen by hundreds and allowed those contacts to easily share the video.” Too often I see people not realizing the amazing reach of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and not using these tools strategically; This is a refreshing exception.

Honestly, I look at this and I think “Why isn’t every realtor utilizing this technology?!” In fact, anything you have to sell–product or service–can be marketed this way.” But this is still considered cutting edge for some reason.” This story even made the local news in Seattle because it’s still considered such a new concept.” Crazy, right? Why wouldn’t everyone go to town on this video/social media combo?

I think a lot of people get stopped by “I don’t understand how to use the technology” or “How do I upload video online?” or “What’s Twitter?.” That’s why there are people out there to help you, silly.” And I know a lot of them.” It can be easy and it can be fast, but you might need to get some other people involved to help you out, like the Howards did. Darcey had the brilliant idea, but then she hired a videographer to execute it and post it to Vimeo (like YouTube) from where she could then post it to her Facebook page. Viola!

I hope the Howards inspire you to think of new ways you can utilize video and social media to promote what you are offering to the world. I know many excellent videographers and can hook you up with social media experts as well.” So let me know if this piqued your interest so we can brainstorm some ways you can leverage current technologies for big results.

How could you show what you offer on camera instead of just writing and talking about it.” Start thinking about using tools like Facebook and Twitter and Youtube to get the word out to a large audience at the click of a button. You might be surprised how easy this can be, with a little input and a little nudge.

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Tshombe May 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm


What a great example of the power of social media! Thank you for this make-you-think-how-can-I-apply-this-NOW article.

Being around social media all the time, it didn’t occur to me that this stuff is still considered “new” or “cutting edge.” That’s why I was especially struck that the Howard story made Q13 news!

I connect with a lot of real estate agents and other sales professionals, and your article is both a wake-up call to them and to me.

Thanks much for an insightful, practical article Karrie.


Karrie Kohlhaas May 26, 2009 at 9:10 pm


Yes, that’s what struck me as well: the fact that the majority is still not really utilizing these tools and that even those who are fluent in using social media are either not integrating video or they are simply not using social media in a smart, strategic way. The Howard Story is an example of folks who are not taking these tools for granted and really turbo boosting their own experience by using everything that’s at their fingertips. Thanks for the comment!



Darcey May 26, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Thanks Karrie for sharing our story. I’m glad that you felt your readers/followers/fans would appreciate the intent behing it. Of course the intent was to sell the house but it was also to help people have a more personal experience with it. For as much as those that “don’t get it” think that all this social media ‘stuff’ is impersonal and/or too advanced, i would boost the contrary. it opens up a chance for people to interact and engage on a different level. It also opens up a whole new market. I wanted to open our house up to prospective buyers in other parts of the country (world?), much like Brett Renville of Leaning Wolf Productions put it.
Darcey Howard


Karrie Kohlhaas May 26, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Darcey, that personal connection is exactly what made it work so well. It was not a schlocky real estate pitch, but rather, a personal connection you made with prospective buyers through the video.

That’s the difference. You not only utilized the tools of video and social media, but you do it in just the way I encourage clients to do it: with authenticity, heart, connective energy. A cold, hard, sales video would not have reached people.

Bravo and congrats on selling your house while giving the new owners something they can keep and cherish. Wouldn’t it be great if every house came with a video from all the past owners? We often say in my home “I wish we could meet all the people who were here before us and know their story.” Maybe you started a tradition that will carry on in that home, who knows!?

Thanks for your thoughts.



Sam June 12, 2009 at 1:45 am

This is a beautifully done video and it works well with this gorgeous house! I don’t think it’s something that would be helpful with just any listing, though. It works well here because the house is gorgeous and custom…the sellers obviously put a lot into the remodeling of this house and created a really lovely space (with love!).
Something like this is great for creating a good buzz (which is awesome when marketing) for a home like this.
The videographer did a great job here! Nice!


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