Tweet Yep, all the things I thought I could keep hidden from the world are now circulating around the internet sky like one of those airplanes at the beach that pulls a banner behind it for all to see. And it will never  run out of gas, because we all know the internet is FOREVER! […]


Tweet Researching the competition is necessary because you need to know what businesses in your field are doing and see how you measure up, right? Everyone needs to enter into a little competitor analysis from time to time just to stay up on your game. Is that true? Some sources suggest spying on the competition […]


Tweet I have a friend whose wife has been urging him to cease swearing, especially in business situations. According to her, swearing only creates “throw-away sentences.” This got me thinking; do I swear too much? In client sessions I can get excited and a four-letter word may get tossed into the mix. Like a few […]


Tweet Over 500 entrepreneurs were involved in the making of this movie. SHINE is an exploration of what entrepreneurs go through to find and maintain their independent lifestyle. I was both interviewer and interviewed and had an amazing experience being on both ends of SHINE. Find out how I view the path to entrepreneurship. You […]


Tweet I just nominated Office Nomads for Seattle Business’ Top 25 Innovators. Read my nomination letter below…


Could Your Business Be Worth More?

Tweet What is your business worth? What steps can you take to make it more valuable? Though it’s not a perfect comparison, let’s think about valuing your business the way you might value a home. Most people scramble to make a lot of changes to their home a few months before putting it on the […]

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Client Launch Party: Seattle Mosaic Arts

Many brain studies have shown that doing simple manual tasks like puzzles and crafts are extremely calming and beneficial for the brain. Imagine an activity that allows you to stop thinking so damn much–something us entrepreneurs could use a little help with–and also yields a beautiful piece of functional art when you are done!

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