Client Testimonials

Karrie is one of the first bona fide business-minded people I have had the opportunity to sit down with over a meaningful length of time, and as such, it has been a very intriguing process to watch her work…She has helped me come up with catchy ways to think about and describe my business…has made more observations on my nature in three hours time than many of my friends have tried in three years time…and I’ve been most impressed by her focus and follow up. (posted on his blog)

Bill Harding
Web Application Developer, Entrepreneur

I had the great gift of spending another hour with Karrie (during her presentation) and was once again swept up by the DYNAMIC CLARITY that she shares, in a way that seems effortless...please keep coaching the rest of us for an ounce of your poise, professionalism and apparent joy with which you do it all!

Annie Jacobsen
Personalized Move Manager

The nuggets of insight and perspective I picked up at Karrie's workshop have already helped me make some very productive changes in my own business. Just days after the workshop - with Karrie's encouraging words still in my head - I drew some tough boundaries with what had become a hard client. I was prepared to lose them, and felt that the loss would be far better than my growing resentment. I took responsibility, met them with respect and a clear argument, and asked for what I wanted. And I got it! Awesome learning for me and growth for my business. Thanks, Karrie. I'm still singing your praises.

Christa Gardner
Freelance Copywriter

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation... The information and advice was relevant to my business and presented in a fun and interesting way that will stick in my mind and I'll be able to implement.

Incidentally, I had just returned that morning from a 3-day mortgage industry conference/workshop in Las Vegas, and I have to say that I found your presentation more relevant and entertaining than that of many of the top national speakers there. Keep up the good work!

John Davis
Mortgage Professional

If you didn't get a chance to experience Karrie's workshop at Bizjam, you really missed out. I have used Karrie's fabulous business consulting and had exposure to everything she spoke about during the workshop and I was still taking notes as fast as my hand could get across the page. It was an inspiring, refreshing and fun review of solid business information that has made my business rock! I would take future workshops Karrie offers.

Jenna Rizzo
Therapist and Art Coach

Karrie is motivated and motivating. If you are stuck and don’t know how to start or have an idea and want to make it happen, see Karrie. You will leave the session clamoring to get to work. Karrie gives new life to your ideas. She provides a great perspective that is unfiltered and you know you’re getting a straight answer.

Marcus C. White, CMP, Event Planner
Principal, MCW Events

Since working with Karrie: My income doubled. My client base average more than doubled. My confidence increased. Karrie is professional, knowledgeable, and has helped me ‘take ownership’ of my business. She is inspirational and models what she recommends.

I have learned more about solid and effective business practices from Karrie than I’ve learned through any class and/or business relationship. I believe she is an integral part of the success of my business.

Kristin Zwiers

Karrie Kohlhaas’ consultation approach is an uncanny combination of 30,000-foot strategy and in-the-trenches tweaks that propelled me forward faster than I would have thought possible.

I experienced more internal focus and sustainable, external growth in eight short hours spent with Karrie than I did after scores of hours [and thousands of dollars’ worth] of meetings with the world’s largest CEO-membership organization.

I am working LESS WHILE achieving higher income and more connective client relationships and I am attracting higher caliber clients.

She is exceptionally vigilant, wise, quick, and smart. If you’re committed to business-as-usual, average growth, or maintaining your current status quo, then you and Karrie are not a match. If you aim to start contributing to the world of business with more impact, insight and verve, then call Karrie Kohlhaas. You may only regret that you’d signed on sooner.

Andrea Driessen
No More Boring Meetings

Before working with Karrie, I would generate a lot of ideas but have a difficult time following through. Now I am focused on what I need to do and am building my practice.

As a direct result of working with Karrie, I now have marketing materials in place, a website, a better location for my practice, a focused target market, and a clearer overall vision for my work.

Karrie is positive and supportive while remaining realistic and honest, and she offers great ideas for business improvement. Since working with Karrie, I have increased clarity, increased confidence and a clearer sense of direction. Hiring her was probably the best investment I have made in my business.

Leif Tellmann
Dance Movement Therapist

Within fifteen minutes of meeting Karrie, she identified my dirty little secret: that tiny splinter of self-sabatage that can show up in my work presentation. She found it when we weren't even talking about that!

I'm so impressed with Karrie's authenticity, quick mind and the surgical precision with which she gets to the heart of things.

Chris Radant, Writer, Humorist
Author (Home for the Holidays, The Dreaded Feast)

I hired Karrie to help me deal with growing pains associated with my business, and my expectations have been greatly exceeded. Karrie is brilliant, and every hour I pay for her services will come back to me tenfold in profit -- that's a conservative estimate, and doesn't even factor in the peace of mind that has accompanied the insights she has enabled. She is truly gifted at her craft and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Danny Bronski
Trademark and Business Attorney

There is good reason that Karrie has become the go-to gal for cultivating businesses of all sorts within the Biznik community. Her expertise, experience, and enthusiasm are the tonic to whatever is keeping your business from becoming the smashing success it was meant to be. Bring her your hardest business building questions; you'll leave with the answers and a renewed energy to succeed.

Bill Harding
Bonanza Founder

I am very excited to be working with Karrie. She moves fast and her work is extremely thorough. She is a joy to work with.

Lori Goff, MA, CPC
Parent Educator

I hired Karrie last year to help me with a couple of strategic issues in Simply Placed. She's innovative, asks great questions, is a good listener and has solid ideas. Consulting with Karrie inspired me to make some changes in Simply Placed that are contributing to a successful 2010 so far. I'd highly recommend Karrie and ThoughShot Consulting. Thanks Karrie

Debbie Rosemont
Simply Placed

Dan and I had met Karrie a number of times at Biznik events before we started working with her. I was always struck by her way of combining direct communication with a sense of humor. Then we were told by not one, but three different people - "You should consider hiring Karrie for an hour of her time. You'd be amazed with the kind of stuff she comes up with, and the perspective she's able to offer."

One hour has turned into many as we've used her as a sounding board for new ideas, a think tank for the development of new features, a consultant on concise and effective communication with our customers, and even as a tie-breaker when we couldn't agree on a concept. Dan and I've had some false starts with other consultants. We are both great idea people, and we're the first to say that ideas are cheap and success is in the execution. Karrie's the first person we've worked with who's not only offered some ideas but has more importantly been able to listen to our ideas, distill them down to the intention behind them, and offer advice on the execution.

Following in others' footsteps, I give the same advice - hire her for an hour of her time and check her out. This girl is good and even if you only spend an hour with her, you're guaranteed to get something out of it.

Lara Feltin

I think Karrie is worth every penny. She really cares about what she is giving to people and wants to help her clients be successful. I got a lot out of an hour and a half with her and look forward to her helping me with future projects.

Bryce Mathern

I love Karrie's holistic approach to business. I really felt listened to and understood in each of our sessions. She has an incredible instinct! You know when you see her she has found her true calling.

Angi Carlston
Divine Movement

I went to Karrie with absolutely zero knowledge of the ins and outs of starting a business. Her approach is great. From the initial interview to several consultations later, Karrie continually opened my mind to new possibilities while steering me in the right direction.

I started out very confused in the process with a jumbled mess of ideas and no direction. After the first visit, Karrie was able to streamline my process in easy to understand steps and helped me to become organized in my approach. I feel very comfortable using Karrie's service and highly recommend her to anyone needing any level of professional business consultation - from beginning a business to fine tuning your existing venture - call Karrie.

Michael Eachus
TerraScope Appraisal

Karrie: Thanks for sharing your many gifts. The work we accomplished during our 4-session package has been instrumental in discovering new clarity and momentum and most of all uncovering a new level of love for music. It's been my experience that it's impactful, invisible work that you do, Karrie, with very definite results. Looking forward to our future collaborations. Until then, know that I am deeply grateful for our work together so far. Thank you, Karrie.

JR Rhodes
Singer/Songwriter, Film Composer

To know Karrie is to both adore and marvel at her intelligence, x-ray insights, "get 'er done" efficiency and speed-of-light strategy shaping with clients. I've been amazed at how she can cut to the heart of things so quickly. Ask Karrie to assess a situation or help you get from point A to point B in your business and prepare to find yourself "blasting through barriers" as promised! Thanks, Karrie!

Janet Burchfield
Real Estate Broker

I've seen the money I have spent consulting with Karrie come back to me several times over. That makes continuing to work with her a financial no-brainer!

She brings great energy and intelligence to working together and really listens to the specifics of my situation before advising. Her solutions are not cookie cutter, they're insightful and custom fit. I sense that she's genuinely excited about helping my business grow.

Matt Krzycki
Goodside Studio

I had the great gift of spending another hour with Karrie and was once again swept up by the DYNAMIC CLARITY that she shares, in a way that seems effortless...please keep coaching the rest of us for an ounce of your poise, professionalism and apparent joy with which you do it all!

Every time I have a session with Karrie I know it will be the most productive, grounding and motivating hours I spend all week...this one has the golden touch.

Annie Jacobsen
Assisted Transitions

Karrie is an absolute rockstar.
Not only is she a spectacular consultant (she gave life to so many of our goals at Office Nomads to create meaningful business progress), but she's an incredible connector and event host. She never misses an opportunity to make the people around her smile.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to sit down and meet with this smart, dynamic woman.

Susan Evans
Cofounder Office Nomads

I hired Karrie a few years ago and took advantage of one of her consulting packages.

It has taken me these years to truly appreciate the deep impact our work has made on my business and myself.

She is an expert and still, working with her feels like working with a friend.

I highly recommend Karrie if you are stuck, charging too little and don't know how to shift, if you need motivation, or if you are just not getting where you want to go in business.

Hiring her was one of the best business investments I have made.

Sierra Faye Kennedy
Massage Therapist

It was one ah-ha after another.

If you're up for a slew of major insights about your business, call her now.

Laurel Black
Graphic & Web Designer