Client Launch Party: Seattle Mosaic Arts

by Karrie Kohlhaas on June 4, 2009

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You’re invited to attend the launch party for ThoughtShot client Claire Barnett. Seattle Mosaic Arts in Wallingford opens this weekend and I hope you will come out to support this fun new concept. At Seattle Mosaic Arts, you can create your own mosaic piece with or without a background in art or mosaics. This very simple and gratifying process is also soothing to the soul.

Many brain studies have shown that doing simple manual tasks like puzzles and crafts are extremely calming and beneficial for the brain. Imagine an activity that allows you to stop thinking so damn much–something us entrepreneurs could use a little help with–and also yields a beautiful piece of functional art when you are done!

Claire wants to reach both the Mosaic Curious (she offers tutorials so you can learn the entire process or you can just do the “fun part” and let her do the “messy part” and pick up your piece in all it’s finished glory) and the Mosaic Seasoned (she offers studio memberships and sells glass in nearly every shade).

Claire says it’s all fun but some people don’t want to get their hands dirty so she’s come up with an easy way for even the artistically timid to get involved. “They all turn out beautifully. You just can’t mess up this process!” Something Claire has told me many times and demonstrated too. I am a believer and I’m excited about getting some friends together to spend a day in the studio.

It’s not intended to be an exclusive experience, but one that allows everyone to participate. You can do mosaics alone, with a partner, friend, family group, etc. It can be a purely fun activity or one that takes you within to experience and express your love for someone in a memorial piece. I keep thinking of ultra cool things my clients could make for their businesses: mosaic address numerals for their storefront, tabletop, vase, tea tray, flower pot for entry…What needs spicing up inside/outside your office space?

Kudos to the lovely Kelly Jean Davis of FarmGirl Works who designed the logo for Seattle Mosaic Arts. The website is in development but the splash page looks great! Another great example that sometimes you have to just move forward even if every little detail isn’t in place! The show must go on!

I’ll be there Saturday, June 6, but the Grand Opening is happening all weekend, so stop by and find Claire, cowork on a mosaic she’ll have out on the table and meet some cool new folks. See you there! (Hint: It’s next to Bizarro’s Restaurant behind 45th and near Stone Way.)

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kelly d June 5, 2009 at 2:19 am

Hey Karrie,

Thanks for the sweet props! I, too, am going to the Grand Opening and have invited some of my friends to come because this is such an exciting concept. I know this is a great thing Claire is doing.


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